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The most famous of carp waters - Redmire Pool - August 2005
The most famous of carp waters, Redmire Pool, sits gracefully in a fold in the Herefordshire countryside not far from the Welsh border.

I have visited Redmire many times since the mid-nineties as I was a member of the 'Winter Syndicate' and I have booked many Summer weekends too. It is a stunning water yet surprisingly small. I always cherish the time I have at this wonderful place.

It no longer holds the monsters it once did (or does it?!) but it still has a good number of carp including many twenties and perhaps a handful over thirty.

There is far more to the pool than the fish though. To experience its unique atmosphere and history is truly great.

Anyone can now fish at Redmire. All that is needed is to book a week or weekend by phone. For more information on how to go about doing so visit the Redmire Pool website and forum.

Redmire Pool Gallery


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