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Mangrove lake record common - 37lb 12oz - June 2005
The Mangrove Swamp nestles in wonderful rural Shropshire.

Not much can be said about this amazing water that hasn't already. Through the writings of syndicate leader Tim Paisley and members Paul Selman, Shaun Harrison and others the lake has become quite famous... and rightly so in my opinion.

The beauty and tranquility that can be experienced at this 18-acre pool is second-to-none. Not to mention the fabulous fish it contains.

I have been a member since 2002 and I was once obsessed with the place, not wanting to fish anywhere else. I have been lucky enough to have caught some of the lakes' great and famous carp and fished there enough now for the obsession to have passed, although I still enjoy every minute I spend there.(Update: I left the syndicate April 2008)

The lake record for the Mangrove is a mirror known as 'Paw Print' at a weight of 41lb 4oz.

Not surprisingly, the waiting list for membership is quite lengthy but if you are interested in fishing the lake then you should contact Steve Guy by email or phone/text 07812 969997.

If you would like to see more pictures of this lake and its fish then click the Mangrove Gallery link in the menu above.

Mangrove Swamp Gallery


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