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Craig Banks with the lake record of 49lb 10oz - November 2014
Bundy's Pit is located not far from Peterborough in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

The owner runs a small carp syndicate on this lovely 8 acre lake. It is a very old, very deep clay pit with origins dating back over 100 years. It is a very special water that contains many big commons amongst it's impressive stock.

The lake was stocked with carp in the 1980's with a number of 1-2lb fish. These fish have matured well in the rich deep waters and it is now known to contain at least twelve different 40lb+ carp and numerous '30's' too! The lake record was broken again in November 2014 with the Original Big Common at 49lb 10oz to Craig Banks. (pictured right)

The owner also has a small winter syndicate on Bundys Pit which covers December 1st to March 14th. He operates the winter syndicate primarily to introduce new anglers to the water and because he never lets anyone join the summer syndicate unless he has had an opportunity to meet them in person.

Anyone interested in a winter ticket at Bundy's Pit should send their details to the fishery manager by email to bundypit@hotmail.co.uk. Please do not visit the lake without prior permission from the owner.

Using the link in the menu at the top of the page you can view some pictures and video of the lake and it's great carp.

If you are a current member of the syndicate click the button at the bottom of the page to go to the Bundy's Members Area.

Bundy's Pit Gallery


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